I Heart: Storage containers that are functional and attractive – Part 2 (Kitchen)

In honor of the month of love, we give you this “I Heart” Series – about what else?  Getting and staying organized.



If you’ve already cleaned out the pantry and fridge and tossed expired items, chances are you’re ready to organize what’s left. Here are some products that will help you stay organized and also look great, too.

Under-the-sink Organizer

You probably have a lot of spray bottles housing random chemicals living under your sink. This organizer allows you to stack, and make harder to reach (think: little hands) certain items like dishwasher and laundry pods.

Collapsible Measuring Cups

While almost all measuring cups nest, there are also collapsible cups that flatten and save even more space.

Spinning Spice Rack

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but saves time and space when you’re busy prepping dinner.

Stackable Fridge Bins

The fridge is an area that can become pretty chaotic, pretty quickly. Stackable bins allow you to organize and see cans, bottles, fruit, veggies, sauces, dairy, and the like.

3-Tier Shelf that Slides

This multi-tiered shelf is on wheels, so it slides in an out of small, tight spaces (like next to the fridge or stove). There are also 5-tiered versions available.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy organizing in 2018!