I Heart: Storage containers that are functional and attractive – Part 3 (Garage or Basement)

In honor of the month of love, we give you this “I Heart” Series – about what else?  Getting and staying organized.



So, you’ve tackled the main areas of your home and are ready to go “all in.” It’s time to whip the basement or garage into shape.  Most people have thought about hooks, shelves, and plastic bins, but here are three products that will help you stay organized and also look great, too.


If you’re able to procure one or multiple lockers (think high school), consider this a great investment for your basement or garage. They keep items high and dry, they already have shelving inside, and are vertical and therefore compact.

Each locker can “house” a different item for a different season/purpose or you can paint each locker a different color for different members of the family.

Your pets can even have one! This is a functional way to store items, but with some creativity, they can also be colorful and personalized.

Spare Chest of Drawers or Cabinet

Do you have a spare dresser, armoire, or cabinet from a renovation project? Repurpose them in a garage or basement. This is a win-win for your family’s organization and for the landfill. If the dresser or armoire already has a mirror, don’t discard it – a mirror can be a helpful addition in this often dark space. Vintage crates are also a great way to give new life to an “old” crate that would otherwise be discarded.

Stackable Bins

You’re probably already using clear stackable bins, but consider color-coded bins for summer items (pink), holiday items (red), athletic equipment (brown), lawn equipment (green), tools (blue), and the like. Write down the legend so you don’t forget your system (you will) and so others can easily find what they’re looking for. This is a fun and functional way to organize a sometimes dark space.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy organizing in 2018!