Spring Allergies: Treatments

There are a number of ways to treat allergies, from over the counter medicine to immunotherapy, but the cause of action depends on the severity, length of symptoms, and your doctor’s recommendation.

Over the counter meds like antihistamines help to lower or block the amount of histamine in your body. They can also lessen the severity of symptoms.

Decongestants aid nasal passageways to reduce congestion. These can come in pill and nasal spray form.

Eye drops are another good solution to treat the symptoms of itchy and watery eyes. They are a good first line of defense and often take effect immediately.

If over the counter meds aren’t working, a referral to an allergist can help you pinpoint the exact source of your allergies.

Immunotherapy is a more intensive treatment as it requires a several-years commitment from the patient, while it gradually increases the dose of the allergen until your body can protect against it. The effects are longer lasting though and often over the counter meds can be avoided indefinitely. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it can stave off some people’s symptoms for many years.