Spring Allergies: Keeping Allergens Under Control

When spring arrives, it’s hard not to be lured outdoors after hibernating all winter. But, if you’re an allergy sufferer, the crisp, clear, blue-sky days can be a nightmare for your nasal passages. Here are a few tips to keep allergens at bay during the spring.

~Stay indoors when the pollen count is moderately high or excessively high, which usually occurs in the mornings. Many weather reports now offer a pollen report, which can be very helpful in managing symptoms.

~Keep the doors and windows closed on moderate or high-allergy days. An indoor air purifier or vaporizer can also help.

~If you have air filters in your home, clean them monthly.

~Bookshelves, vents and surfaces should be dusted weekly to remove dust and allergens that have already settled.

~Wash your hair every day during the peak of allergy season. When it is time to wash bedding, make sure to do it in hot water to remove as much pollen as possible.

~Vacuum your home and/or office every other day if you can, but twice a week at the least.

We hope these tips give you some added relief this spring season!