Moving this Spring?

Spring can be the ideal time of year to move and make a fresh start in a new home. The weather is cool and crisp, which is perfect for moving, unpacking, and orienting yourself to your new home.

A previous blog article talked about the importance of selecting a mover early and being cognizant of the weather (it can change on a dime!).

Here are some other items to consider:

The spring season can be a difficult time for allergy sufferers; keep your allergy medication close by and be mindful of friends helping you move. Also, avoid the hours when the pollen count is especially high – usually from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and even more so when it’s dry.

After the winter months of hibernation, the spring season tries to wake us up by encouraging our bodies to do more physical activities. And when this extra demand for energy is combined with the increasingly longer days of spring, some of us find it really hard to adjust to these sudden changes and the result can be the so-called spring fatigue.

If you have school aged children, then spring can be a good time to move to a new city, especially if you schedule your relocation during the spring break. This way, your son or daughter will be able to make the transition to the new school with the smallest possible interruption to their routine. However, moving with a child (or children) is usually a greater challenge than is more of a challenge than most realize, so be prepared and be flexible.

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