Moving with School-Age Children

Kids in elementary school may be open to a move, but still need consideration throughout the transition. To avoid the disruption to the school year, summer is a good time to move. But, if the move during the school year cannot be avoided, this is also a good way to meet new kids right away.

Regardless, make sure that you have medical records and vaccinations up to date and birth certificates at the ready.

For older kids and teens, rebelling against a move is common. Leaving a social group during this period of time is certainly the most difficult and if there are any long-awaited events, like a prom, on the horizon, you’ll surely hear about it from your child. Take the time to listen and really hear your kids during this period of time.

If it’s possible to visit the old neighborhood and friends once in a while, attempt to do so. Your kids will be grateful for the added effort, even if they don’t tell you that.