Quick and Easy, Summer Decluttering and Organizing Projects

Summer is the ideal time to declutter and organize. Typically, the days are longer, slower paced, and the additional daylight can literally help you see things in a new way!

If you’re considering a renovation, now is a great time. It’s easier to “live” and cook outdoors if you’re renovating a living or dining space.

This is the best time to freshen up your closet – remove and sort through items and organize by color for a fun approach.  Apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls, vacuum floors and cubicles. New lighting can make a big difference too.

Make sure you have summer essentials like sunscreen, bug repellent (consider natural, big repelling soap!) and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Inspect patio furniture, tents, umbrellas and other seasonal items.

Inspect and service the mower before you use it for the first time. Move your lawn equipment, summer sports gear and pool supplies into easier to reach places. Use hooks, baskets and garage cabinets at eye level are great spots to store the summer necessities.

Happy summer!